2009 Mazda6 Bose Stereo Replacement

Process was done on a Manual Transmission 2009 GTi (US Spec; UK Spec may be different)


** Something for prying safely: appropriate tools, tape-wrapped screwdriver or a dull knife wrapped in a rag - do what you like.


Notes, Suggestions and Criticisms:

Vehicle Harness Data is Specified Here

Pop the cup Holders Out. There's no great place to grab them, so do what you have to and be careful. Putting the parking brake on helps. (for those of you with only one foot)
Gently pull the trim up on either side of the shifter; I had no trouble with this, just take your time. Very little force is needed.
Trimless Passenger Side
Trimless on Both Sides
Unscrew the shifter.
Pop the shift trim and power socket area out; some areas are very thin plastic.
There should only be one or two connectors here. If you see a bunch, look more carefully since three of them go to one pigtail and you only need to unplug it once.

DESIGNED BY ASSHATS ../.. . proceed carefully.

This is how I did it:
Insert something soft (plastic) on the left hand side, near the bottom corner. GENTLY pry until you can stuff something (toothpick?) under the base at that corner. Repeat on the other side.

Once you have a small gap at the bottom, insert something you can pry with (flathead screwdriver in a towel) and gently leverage up ../.. . it will POP and release the bottom clips.

The plastic is ridiculously soft, so do what you have to here and remember it's the most noticable area in the car. Good luck.

Security Feature? One of the screws is a 10mm hex head.

Stock Setup
Random Installation Carnage
Completed Install
Antenna Wire Fishing Pictures!
iPod Mounting
pac steering wheel harness